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tv   [untitled]    May 26, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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three. three three. three . despite the fact that an estimated twenty eight point one six million viewers tuned in last night's season finale of american idol there were still important things going on in the world in texas the state legislature is folded on its challenge to the t.s.a. is authority and governor rick perry might be running for president sarah palin the lovable derelict is also inching closer to running and the g eight is meeting in france germany and of you for western civilization is here to tell you why today's supreme court ruling on arizona's immigration law not the police say one the anti-business one is good for western civilization we've also got medea benjamin of coping to discuss by people protest the g eight lupe house he joins us live from france you're watching adam vs the man.
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i can tell you just how much of a genius sarah palin really is i don't mean on policy or speaking ability or her ability to finish her term as governor of alaska i mean how are you that me but i'm talking about her genius for self promotion this lovable there are lots has been surrounded by rumors and speculation that helped her grover audience and sell books see if you were lucky enough to be selected as a running mate for a party's nominee for president every time you pick your nose from then on so many will say she's pretty rose i mean she's not running it's a bit like punxsutawney phil you know the groundhog totally irrelevant to the
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weather but that doesn't stop people now i like sarah palin i really do and from what i know of her public presentation she's a very likable person she's attractive outdoors dominating every meal concept in hox wet dream and she likes guns. even if she's not very good with them remember when she saw the caribou she missed five times because a rifle wasn't sighted properly and had to have her dad chamber each round for her anyway i love that she's always trying to be handy with firearms so the latest rumor that the upcoming release of the million dollar documentary about her is going to have a major indicator about whether or not she's running and according to the latest gallup poll she's it fifteen percent just two points behind front runner romney care and five points ahead of dr ron paul again i'm a little embarrassed for my party that our two leading contenders to take out obama are a guy who instituted romney care in massachusetts as governor and pale and who can even finish
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a term as governor of alaska but former vice president dick cheney has his own pick for president with a solid backhanded compliment that he might not have realized was a not so sly backhands of bush he said yesterday quote i worship the ground that paul ryan walks on i hope he doesn't run for president because that would ruin a good man who has a lot of work to do. so while our ruined former president and former texas governor is enjoying clearing brush in his retirement the current governor of texas rick perry is now officially thinking about going against his repeated pledge to not run despite calls from conserve icon radio host rush limbaugh to enter the race is point poorly and only four percent of texans want him to enter the race perhaps it has to do with him not having the spine to call eric holder's well off let me explain when texas state representative simpson introduce a bill to make it a misdemeanor in texas to pay pat someone down by touching quote the anus sexual
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organ buttocks or breasts of another person including through the clothing that he is they responded incorrectly by saying that the constitution prevents states from regulating the federal government not true now the state doesn't have the right to dictate anything the federal government does but it most definitely gets to make the rules within its own borders the real threat came after the bill passed the house and and honestly and before the state senate could vote on it when the u.s. attorney for texas working for u.s. attorney general eric holder said that if it passed the t.s.a. would shut down all flights out of texas the official statement from the t.s.a. said quote if you won't let us fumble you're in a sexual organs buttocks or breasts we're not going to let you fly so nanny nanny boo boo our friend a radio talk show host alex jones responded with an impromptu gathering at the texas capitol a large portion of populations of the texas house the texas senate under
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a threat of a federal blockade it's an act of war and international law could not transportation and shut down ports either air land or sea. so it wasn't really governor perry's fault that he still has a chance to stand up to the federal government on this issue but if his leadership so far is any indicator you'd probably be the kind of president who would let the u.n. trump on the rights of americans. the supreme court ruled by three today in a landmark decision that's sort of like some fires around the already heated border debate the ruling upholds the legal arizona workers act of two thousand and seven it's been called the business death penalty for business caught hiring illegal immigrants and the not so arizona could go so far as to take away business licenses for anyone not playing by state rules the law will also require employers to run
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a background check he's in federal the federal either fight system opponents of the legislation argue that federal law prohibits states from making immigration related rules the same argument made last year over the so-called immigration enforcement law that's me ten seventy well many are now struggling to make progress on this issue and work together to address the nonpartisan concerns we all have about immigration kevin d'anna is a man who has picked a side and drawn a line in the sand he's dropped in the studio today to give us his take on what on and on this issue and he says that the mass immigration that we're seeing now is actually the liberal act growing the welfare class and driven by statist policy he's the president and founder of the youth for western civilization a national student based organization that focuses on the culture war education and immigration he's also a regional director for the leadership institute and former executive director of young americans for freedom haven't thank you so much for being with us tonight thanks good soldier this ruling to you cute huge significance but obviously it well the fundamental case here was that states now have the right to enforce immigration
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laws a whole case all along it was made by obama and others was that only the federal government can enforce immigration law which. mass immigration opponents reasonably respond but you're not enforcing immigration law now proponents of immigration say well yes we're not enforcing it but even if we were going to we're the only ones who can do it you're not allowed to do anything this is much bigger than s.b. ten seventy because what this law actually does this goes beyond federal statute right and you were saying that this law or this ruling today actually up holds ten seventy as well if it were that he has as you said a huge precedent i think it really undermines the obama administration's challenge that seventy ok so. are you in favor of the bill itself in terms of arizona as a way of regulating immigration than a shut down businesses if they're hiring illegals the right are not following this process right now they're not supposed to be hiring illegal immigrants if you want to make the case ok they should have the right to hire illegal immigrants well fine
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take that case to the american people but they're not doing that would they're upset about it seems to me that now we're actually going to enforce these things i mean you don't you don't think it's anti-business to say you know what the government has failed and we're going to shift the burden to you i think it's the same thing as saying that opposing the wall street is anti-business what this is about it's about privatizing profits and socializing costs you want to talk about like you know being against the man you've got chamber of commerce you want to talk about you want to say well who is the man when you've got the chamber of commerce big labor leadership of the democratic party leadership of the republican party and the present united states in the federal government any act of this left all on one side and then you've got the vast majority of the american people on the other i know which side i'm not ok let me ask of course because from your mission page for you for us and civilization says it is ours and we have the self evident right and duty to work for the survival of our own culture and civilization. i i i didn't know that western civilization was. under such threat are you going
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to our survival is at stake come to a college campus i mean one of the of the fine wasn't it was i look at your website where we define it is is the if you could almost say it on the about oh ok all right first of all tell us how it in this context and what you're fighting for how do you define what it is that was asian what will be said referring to america specifically keep in mind we talk about the whole world referring to america specifically the book that we take a lot of inspiration from is samuel huntington who are we and simul huntington i mean this guy was as establishment as it gets new deal democrat chair of harvard school of government and the last book he ever wrote basically was. saying well there's not going to be a united states anymore because that cultural core that thing that we all have in common isn't going to be there anymore so it was it was western civilization just the united states of order were no no no i would say i would say western civilization good of civilization that the other half of the world i mean let's
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talk i want to get into what is western civilization again if you go to western uganda we define it we say it's a compound of several different influences including the classical tradition in the christian tradition in the indigenous four traditions of you know the european peoples that settled all these different places i'm reminded of what congressman ron paul wrote in two thousand and fourteen article called in the city and culture talks about the various economic arguments against illegal immigration and then at the end he actually says the real issue is multiculturalism is undermining the idea of all of us being americans and this cultural conflict is a real issue and i have to say i agree with what dr paul wrote and for i think i think i would also say the things of culture if and when they did not by government or by the free market at all entirely that's exactly my point what's happening right now is the liberal let's take a look at say california and he says that there's a force in the way i mean when i said when i was stalking about which groups favor mass immigration the chamber of commerce in the act was let in all the other groups i alluded to this is happening against the expressed wishes of the american people
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if you look at california and california is basically ungovernable at this point i mean we're talking about the whole state defaulting it would jerry brown back and he could have any time soon but all of this could have been prevented california or all of us here hey great so prop one eighty seven was basically an economic measure designed to say we're not going to provide benefits such as free public education and health care and all these things to legal immigrants fifty about fifty nine percent of the people in the state in california i go to i certainly agree that that state should have the right as per the concept of the united states to be able to control their own immigration be it from non-u.s. citizens or all the. yes the business of other states but we just have a second left here speaking of ron paul you were the president of young americans for froze exactly doing it all right when this issue came out that people and young americans for freedom were objecting to america's foremost freedom fighter a little i'm not sure that came up after i'd left but i was executive director for
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some time and i guess you could say one of the reasons i got out is i could see i could see the purge coming well let's hope that the republican party is a little smarter than young americans for freedom because if you if the party doesn't have a libertarian leg to stand on i will never go broke underestimating all stupidity of the republican party and functional all right haven't they so i think you just and i those go to the end of president and founder of youth for western civilization and now for a special oh excuse me wrong camera imagine that all right for now you the viewer we have a comment from you tube i like your commercials they give me a chance to look at allone as hot ass without having to watch her show that james loves you. that's not really fair just because alone is a very attractive woman doesn't mean that there isn't an immense amount of effort
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that goes into that show that has lots of really important pertinent information and we don't we don't have the time to cover some of the incredible topics or really important topics that she has on her show so. but you know i sure she'll take the backhanded compliment one way or another all right also from you to quote i would call this call thoughts of the police department a huge success it was empowering and provided an outlet for the frustration that one develops after having seen one too many videos of police abusing their authority thanks adam and crew that from stand out gun and this is referring to the call of flood that we called for the wheelchair assault police by metropolitan transit police officers when they pulled a man out of a wheelchair and slammed on to the sidewalk last week we will be following up with that case and well i'm happy to say that at least the charges of assault against the victim have been dropped and we eagerly eagerly await the report of the on the investigation from the u.s. attorney's office to see if there's going to be real accountability for the
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officers involved in that case from facebook chris larsen writes hey man question for you i ask because i am curious this is not a question that i will repose or anything and i am not a bigoted person with a hatred or negative bias why is long and referring to the fact that yes i do identify as a muslim which makes me about as muslim as most americans who identify as christians so. as they are christian and i choose to identify as as a muslim simply because i can and also from facebook tree read writes another great show there adam again i found myself shaking my head in shame as the police officer as i watch these morons slam a handicapped man to the ground not what we are about in my line of work but the spotlight stays on us an idiot's like those two will continue to draw the ire of the nation while heroes like the thousands of officers out there saving lives go unnoticed hope those two get the max penalty there is no room for these two in my
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profession anymore well thank you really appreciate that perspective because not all police officers. our so disregarding of individual rights or public safety as the metro transit police department seems to be when we come back we'll sit down and medea benjamin of code pink that is not the abandonment of color pink. not of code pink also look at us he joins us live from paris with an on the ground of the from the g. eight states and you're watching out a verse of. a . new website with twenty four seven live streaming news counts what to do about the ongoing financial hardship unlimited free high quality videos for download.
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and stories you never find on mainstream news. and i mean that is a new political. question more on our team doctor on just. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions break through it so that if we had made who can you trust no one who is in view we would have local machinery see where we had it state controlled capitalism it's called sections when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more. into it only a military vehicle to do the work to bring justice for. i have
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every right to know what my government should do if you want to know why i pay taxes. but i would characterize the by. as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. welcome back to adam vs the man so the jihad is made in france this week the g eight or the group of eight what is the group of eight sounds more like a team name for a bunch of supervillains in the name of a super national economic alliance but pentagon my kind of people. once a year oh so wise and ever benevolent central planners meet together away from the public to discuss how to maintain their power and we serve back in one thousand nine hundred five was the g six with france and germany the u.k.
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italy japan and the us later on canada and russia jumped into the bunch forming the g eight as it is now these summits usually have the various heads of state meeting to discuss the pressing issues of our time health care terrorism law enforcement labor energy government justice foreign affairs foreign trade but strangely it seems that since one thousand nine hundred five more and more draconian policies that resulted in this fight i mean because of all the hard work and central planning going on there with a fundamentally broken global economic system breaking our backs should we not be more concerned with transparency among our leaders instead as usually happens the g eight will be surrounded by hundreds of armed men in riot gear with armored vehicles and tear gas getting the streets effectively walling off the police from access to the inner dealings going on between the nobles so what's really going on in the g eight and why should you be concerned joining me now is the co-founder of code pink medea benjamin and our own adam vs the man military analyst take the
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little bird thanks for joining us tonight. so medea you have a lot of your compatriots in code pink are actually in france right now protesting as i write. well a lot of our friends for europe are protesting are people don't have the money anymore to fly to france to be able to protest but there are plenty of people in the region who are unhappy with the policies of the g. eight and are trying to get as close to they can but as you said in the setup to this there is a nays in and of security it's very hard to get even near so why is it always such a contentious issue why is it the. leaders of the world can't just have a meeting without being surrounded by millions of protesters and twenty g. eight these things happen periodically and there's always a huge conflict and there's this is where you see i think the most effective systematic repression of protest i mean the only thing we could compare it to is like the d.n.c. in r. and c. here and the world trade organization dared to meet here but look i think at which
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you have is this an elite group that comes together to talk about all of us and where are all of us in this discussion i mean first of all there's the constituents of the leaders of the these countries that don't get a chance to get their opinions in but then what about the rest of the world to have this very small only group that doesn't represent nearly the population anymore it doesn't even have china and doesn't have india and mexico doesn't have brazil i mean italy and switzerland since we're going to be good to be like it's sort of pick a fight here but since when do we does the g eight have to bring china and india since when did we since when can a group of world leaders sit together a room and talk about things and not necessarily have to look everybody in the world be a part of it say you're trying to make rules for you know the everybody else you know you're setting did you. did you petition the g.a.o. to represent there because you could of others there is a there's a specific problem with this that i think you can appreciate and i understand
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a certain appeal to liberals for this in particular because they see concentrations of wealth and power and libertarians the zero zero zero it's really should be because here's the here's the here's the fundamental problem i think. i think there are a lot of liberals who are motivated more by sort of resentment of the mere existence of concentrations of wealth but a lack of transparency fair enough but it when you when you have the top eight economies in the world represented come together they're not even the. superpower these are maybe maybe we weren't is when you have these super powers coming together this way they didn't get to be superpowers by the free market by serving people better than anybody else they got there by exploitation they're coming together every government got agreements imo but every government every government exists because of some form of exploitation the took place in the past that's the nature of government and big government folks like code pink far left progressives you know you are not immune to want a government you just want government
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a certain way i'm a conservative want less government because i know that government could be abusive but i know what you're looking at in this day a unique as this is the guy you met my judas have you ever folks are going to hear about something even though i have as you have a facebook i never buy anything i give them a given facebook account they give kids users even if it's right if you do use gina use china and facebook give israel ever google ever yes there will be no no i mean you might as well be outside of san francisco protest think facebook and google because the c.e.o.'s of those companies are at the g. eight as well you want to talk to him over there talking to world leaders or talking with world leaders about how to eradicate poverty by bringing business i really believe that how much you don't like because that is not easy and that limiting the debt for the poorest could be the end of the internet is the way of the future business of commerce is the way to bring people economic poverty and prosperity people like people like india like you who want big government next i'm going to be whatever the rate is like
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a bad big quite well i don't want big corporations i want everybody i want to publish this who are going to declare if i'm going to have a little bit resentment that these eight super powers are coming together without the rest of the world and the rest of the. cannot be represented here but we have gotten economic advantage through force of government are going to come together to collude to further that advantage. if i thought i had an agenda that something i didn't feel comfortable i would petition them like you can and i tend to agree that we can't tell you. how all these people are talking here says francis lawrence lester from harvard law school to be talking there ok out there ever since he was a kid we think we have luke joining us own the ground for a friend a look then he'll tell you why he's there. thank you for for being available for us and i know you've your travels have taken you to some interesting places recently tell us about that where are you right now. right now i'm in our paris france and
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we were advised by many people here not to actually go out to do which is where the gate is meeting because it's totally locked down by eighteen thousand police and military officers that have already created this city and are now pretty much allowing anybody to come in and out so we are here in paris documenting the protest and all the actions happening here against the g. eight where you have some really amazing footage that you want to share as well we have we have a couple clips loaded up let's roll that first one. was . the. kind of thing. that some scary stuff loads you see the size of the trumpet though at least the sort of break the the mood you have these cops and this is a new kind of riot gear at least they have the nice little blue berets very very fresh not brazing like birds or like really good military police covers raise
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a loop. of the way that the right you would love to just read on the show but if you say you know the teenage mutant ninja turtle police officers and. the ones i experience in pittsburgh and the ones that many people experienced in toronto one thing that was very different i have to say he's not the french actually have a lot of respect for the press i was actually very lucky not to get arrested today out of everybody else there because i had a price bad around my neck and went in america i would get a crack and you know i don't even know i had a press badge and you know even here are you speak their language i had somebody else translate thanks for me and he literally took me in are like you know you know watches you know you're. very very night so you were you mean that you mean what kept you from getting arrested today was that the press pass that you made on your computer and had laminated kinko's. and i don't know i'm not you're talking about. oh i am the official adam
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vs the man present i asked you made for yourself on the computer that's right it can go. now anybody really fast and it's very shiny and it looks nice ok well it's important to do it ok luke only luke would attempt to play coy the way i'd like a way for a comeback because he is so we have we have another clip from luke let's play this another arrest from the g. eight in france. what are these people being arrested for specifically look see nothing absolutely nothing we actually arrived it was in style and grab paris here and there's a bunch of people just meeting come together and you know protesting and about two hundred fifty right will be stopped there's came out of nowhere in so called
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everybody luckily i was able to leave right before they entrapped everybody and. he wouldn't let them leave for about two hours and after two hours one by one he came in and they just started grabbing people driving them out and arresting them for no apparent reason or more people who want look he says this is nothing glowing or just leaves nothing more where that silly parade that's all nothing more i mean a brave guy and so was it over to the player was anywhere in a cowboy hat or something so terribly correct what is the use that events like this the point is you get arrested for being in the wrong place at the wrong times out of a happening in libya you being arrested for just a side walk with a group of protesters arrested for absolutely nothing and as luke said you can be arrested for being press here in the united states when you're just trying to witness. ok happened to me and the g twenty i got a crap beat out of me for no damn he said ok so what is it that people are talking
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about outside the g eight what is it that they're so heated about that's going on at this particular summit i mean they're talking about regime change in yemen right now the g. eight they're talking about restoring and tightening on internet freedom they're also talking about getting rid of the dollar reserve currency and implementing book world government currency which is the s.t.r. which is going to be helped by the i.m.f. and world bank so a lot of people have a lot of reasons to be heeded but these small group of elitists who are pretty much doing things without anybody senior control. or that was in a way is that last point is an entirely true what they're talking about is if if if the if the if the dollar crashes which it looks like it's very possible there needs to be a banking system that can make up for it so there's not entire economic calamity across the world now grass i don't like that's that's what's not true is that there doesn't need to be a banker who was standing close by going right at the retirees are grass where they
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said that led to this is another understand we saw theory of like you know global. allies like you go back to lou. and you've been planning a one world government currency pretty good now i mean the world's leading what we've been talking about it i would be going to get more consolidated control of the world and one way they're going to do it is with a one world government currency when they consolidate all the currencies so more people less people have more power than they ever did before and this was in the works for many years before and now they're only implementing it with the help of the federal reserve i.m.f. and world bank and all these other secretly including the builder group that have been calling for a bit served many years outstanding lou thanks for being with us and i will look for more updates from europe from your tour and hope to be hearing from you and charlie soon itself thank you very much that was adam vs the man correspondent lucrative in paris france and code pink co-founder medea benjamin and adam vs the man military analyst jake dilbert that's our show.


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